Better Than a Bottle, Chicer Than a Box

Great Wine

Juliet is produced at a Certified California Sustainable Winery in the Santa Barbara Region, where the wines are handmade in a low-intervention style (no artificial additives) to ensure a clean, fruit-forward product reflective of the excellent quality grapes used.

Protecting the Planet

Juliet’s outer paperboard packaging is recyclable and made from renewable materials. We offer a take-back program for the inner plastic pouches to ensure they’re properly recycled (or reused when possible).

Chic & Easy

Each Eco-Magnum™ of Juliet contains 10 glasses of delicious wine which stays fresh for four weeks after opening. As the leading luxury glass-free wine, you can enjoy Juliet just about anywhere.

Juliet Co-Founders Allison Luvera and Lauren De Niro Pipher with three varietals of Juliet Wine at a dinner table.

Female Founded

A shared commitment to sustainability and a passion for great wine led us to build Juliet. As longtime friends working in sales, marketing and wine & spirits, when we discovered the dramatically lower carbon footprint of boxed wine versus bottled, we saw the opportunity to create an eco-friendly wine that doesn’t sacrifice on the taste or quality of bottled wines we love. Juliet is here to shift the culture of wine drinking and advance sustainability for the wine industry as a whole, and we hope you’ll join us on this mission.


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