Do you love wine? Connecting with new people? Being a part of an engaging, inclusive community? We invite you to join us in The Juliet Wine Room on Slack for early access to new products, invitations to virtual and in-person events, a chance to meet new friends, and more. 


Juliet Insiders

We are excited to introduce our innovative brand ambassador program, made for wine-loving creators across a variety of social media platforms.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Sustainable, fine wine to feature on social media and share with friends
  • Earned commissions on Juliet sales with a unique affiliate link
  • Opportunities to host Juliet events in your community
  • Opportunities to be featured on Julet’s social media accounts
  • Special edition Juliet merchandise
  • Access to exclusive content including insider tips on wine, entertaining, entrepreneurship, and more.

Ready to apply?


After 20 years of friendship, a shared commitment to sustainability, and a passion for great wine, we co-founded Juliet, the first dedicated luxury boxed wine brand in the U.S. Now more than a year after launch, it is our greatest pleasure to see our wines bring people together.

We look forward to connecting with you soon in The Juliet Wine Room on Slack and hope you’ll apply to the Juliet Insiders ambassador program!